Description of the Genealogical Listings

The following is a description of the files:

The first report is a Descendants List. It is a direct listing of all descendants from the source couple. Each generation is indented from the previous generation, and the complete family of a member of a generation is listed before the next member of that same generation is printed. The vertical lines in the listing indicate the number of previous generations. For example, a person in the fifth generation from the source will have four vertical lines to the left of his name. The Descendant Report includes the names of the spouses of the descendants. In the case of multiple spouses the descendant's name will appear once with each spouse To assist in navigating the various pages, key names in the Descendants List have been linked to their information in the Family History Report to enable you to move directly to the correct page.

The second report is a Family History Report. This report begins with the source couple and moves forward in time, listing descendants (children, children's children, etc.) along with recorded information about each individual. Each name is preceded by an outline number that identifies the generation, and the position within the generation for that person. For example, the number means, "the 5th child of the 2nd child of the 3rd child of the source," and therefore, is in the 4th generation. Descendants with more than one spouse will receive a lowercase letter suffix for each of their marriages. Due to the length of this report it has been broken down to a number of smaller linked reports. These links follow the individuals outline number.

The third report is an Index that gives an alphabetized summary of all descendants and their spouses included in the Family History Report. Each sirname is given a subheading with each individual with that sirname listed by the individual's given name and outline number. I am in the process of establishing links to the information on that person in the Family History Report.

The last report is a list of the References used to develop these reports.

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