Mounier Family History

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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- M1. Charles Louis Daniel Mounier (Picture) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Birth: July 23, 1842, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands Death: 1910, The Hague, Netherlands Father: Pierre Jean Jacques Mounier Mother; Maria Agatha Frederika Brussel
Notes: He became a lieutenant of the artillery in 1866, but changed over to the administrative army department
when he lost an eye in an accident with a fieldpiece. In 1882 he requested a five year detachment which
enabled him to serve with the Netherlands' East Endies forces. In 1896 he retired on pension from the
army with the rank of Captain, to devote his time to mesonic interests and various humane societies.
In 1908 this work became to strenuous for him and reluctantly he had to give it partly up and moved from
Amersfoort to The Hague, where he died peacefully in the early spring of 1910. In 1906 or 1907 he visited a relative in Nimes, France, and found among family papers a copy of a report
made by P. J. J. Mounier in 1883 documenting family genealogy from 1611.
Spouse: Wilhelmina Metzelaar (Picture) Birth: December 21, 1852 Death: 1938, The Hague, Netherlands Father: Johan Frederik Metselaar
Spouse Notes: She was the daughter of a government architect in The Hague. She visited her family in California in 1921.
Marriage: May 18, 1887 6, 1922 Children: Pierre Jean Jacques Johan Frederik Charles Louis Daniel Reference: 5 13 27p2-,9 39
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- M1. Pierre Jean Jacques Mounier ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Birth: July 16, 1888, Nijmegen, Holland Death: August 11, 1951, Tacoma, Washington Father: Charles Louis Daniel Mounier Mother; Wilhelmina Metzelaar
Notes: Pierre and his brother Johan attended the German College in Bingen on the Rhine and studied engineering.
As students they took a year from their book studies to get practical experience, which brought the two brothers
in 1909 in the eastern part of the United States, which in a way decided their emigration to the USA in later years.
They returned to the technical college in September 1909 but when in 1910 their father died, Pierre discontinued
his studies and returned to America. In the same year he returned to establish with Johan, who had finished his
course, an agency for the sale of motion picture apparatus in Lutphen. The brothers intended to develop a process
and a system by which they expected to be able to take and project motion pictures in natural colors. Also they
were convinced, after having seen at first hand, the development of picture theatres in America, that the field in
their own country was wide open for development. Their first hope was lost, when their system, which was
planned with colored filters, was described in trade magazines as a technique for which patent rights were sought
for at the U. S. Patent office. But in their second belief they were not mistaken and in the following 10 years they built
a successful theatre business. In 's-Hertogenbosch, in Nijmegen and in Eindhoven they build theatres. When
World War I broke out they disposed of their interests in 's-Hertogenbosch and in Eindhoven. Pierre went to
England and then to America, where he bought a small farmhouse in California (Van Nuys), and Johan who was
married and lived in Nijmegen conducted their joint business interests in that city. In 1920 they sold their three
theatres in Nijmegen to a theatre trust for a large sum, which gave each of them a comfortable fortune. From
then on their business interests were no longer pooled.

After investing his capital in real estate and a number of small enterprises, Pierre found a new interest in writing
business articles and was induced by publishers in Holland to join editorial staffs of a number of periodicals.
He returned to Holland in 1931(?) and some years later identified himself with the development of a
correspondence course department of the "Success" institute. As World War II approached in Europe is sent his
two children to the U.S. to stay with friends until the end of the war.

In December 1946 the parents joined their children in Hollywood where Pierre kept up his connections with the
Success Institute, mostly by correspondence. In 1947 they moved to Lake Bay, Washington where several of his
old friends had settled. He became a Naturalized U.S. citizen in 1948. Pierre kept busy writing and
died suddenly of heart attack
Spouse: Maria Christina Engelina Reynders Birth: December 28, 1889, Amersfoort, Utrecht, Holland Death: June 14, 1956, Los Angeles, California Father: Dr. H. Reynders
Spouse Notes: Naturalized U.S. citizen in 1948, in los Angeles.
Married: May 1, 1919, Amersfoort, Utrecht, Holland Children: Johan Frederik Maria Engelina (Rie) Pierre Jean Jacques Reference: 12 15 26 27p9 39
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- M1. Johan Frederik Mounier (Pictures) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Birth: February 20, 1920, Nijmegen, Holland Death: October 23, 2001, Northridge, CA Burial: San Fernando Mission Cemetery, Mission Hills, L.A., California Occupation: Businessman aka: Fritz; John, Big Pop Religion: R. Catholic Father: Pierre J. J. Mounier Mother; Maria Christina Engelina Reynders
Notes: Arrived in the U.S. with his parents on October 6, 1920 aboard the "S.S. Noordam" from Rotterdam
to Ellis Island, NY. (See notes section of his brother Pierre's entry for his activities prior to his marriage.) Legally changed his name to John Fredrick. "Written by Johan's first grandson, John Edward Mounier. The Mounier Family were French Hugenots
who fled France and settled in Holland. My Grandfather's father was a businessman who worked half of
the time in the U.S. and half of the time in Holland. When My grandfather was in the U.S., he spoke Dutch,
and while in Holland, English. My grandfather traveled with his family back and forth between Holland
and the US before settling there permantly in 1936. For the first years, he wrote novels and magazine articles in
Dutch explaining the benefits of setting up business in the US. Starting at the absolute bottom, he took a job
at the age of 24 changing tires. Always the entrepreneur, he asked his boss if he could have the old tires
discarded for the new. His boss said yes and he took the tires and had them re-tread and sold them from the
back of his station wagon. His side-business got good, so he bought a pick-up truck and expanded his route.
Next was a panel truck and a new product - oil. He continued this business and to this day he travels by plane
every week to Las Vegas to sell to some of the same customers he did some fifty years ago..." (1998)
Spouse: Evangeline Carmen (Vannie) Condé Birth: April 19, 1920, Los Angeles, California Death: December 18, 2018, Los Angeles, California Burial: San Fernando Mission Cemetery, Mission Hills, L.A., California aka: Vannie Religion: R. Catholic Father: Rafael Condé-Barragan Mother: Carmen Yslas
Spouse Notes: Legally changed her name to Vannie Carmen. "This was written by Vanny's grandson, John Edward Mounier. My grandmother is one of the most outgoing people I've ever known. Always the one to drive the kids to ball practice. Always the one to cook the fellas lunch after school. She lives for contributing and participating in the lives of her children. She was born and grew up in Los Angeles where while working for a department store as a buyer for the children's department, she met my grandfather. The two courted for a year and were married. Nine months and a week later my father was born. Ever since, she has devoted her life to her kids, and their kids, and any other kids who'll let her help." (1998) Vannie died peacefully in her sleep, at the age of 98. Her Obituary is here Remembrances of her granddaughters here
Married: April 7, 1945, St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Los Angeles, CA Children: John Fredrick Gary Christopher Reference: 1 2 6 15 19 26 29c 35
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- M1. John Fredrick Mounier Jr. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Birth: 1946, Los Angeles, CA Occupation: Lawyer Father: Johan Frederik Mounier Mother: Evangeline Carmen (Vannie) Condé
Notes: "Received BA in English at Loyola University in Los Angeles and a Law Degree from University of California at Los Angeles. I am the son of John F. Mounier Jr.. My name is John E. Mounier. What can I say about my father. He is a lawyer, he is a gentleman, he is my inspiration. When I was a kid, my dad used to work a lot out of town. I remember sitting by the window each night waiting for him to come home. His younger brother, Chris, and I have had long discussions about my dad. Chris told me that while the two of them were growing up, their father, John F. Mounier (Fritz-Big Pop,) used to work a lot as well. Chris said that the philosophy they learned from their father was that the way one showed love for their family was to work hard. And we do. And my father does. In the years since my sister's death, we've become much closer. Maybe that's a positive that's come from her tragedy we've all become a lot closer. Anyway, my dad is a good guy who loves to sail and read good books. He loves to tell funny jokes and works hard to help his clients who put their trust in him." (1998)
Spouse: Gretchen Alice Aberle Birth: 1943
Spouse Notes: "This was written by Gretchen's only son, John Edward Mounier. My mom is a terrific lady. She is a California girl who grew up in San Gabriel, CA, and went to school at UCLA where she met my dad. The two were married in the California Mission at San Gabriel and had me two years later. My mom should have been in show business. Not only is she beautiful, but artistic and expressive as well. I can't help to admit that my creative tendencies must have come from her side of the family. I think I am the most proud of my mom for the way she dealt with the loss of my sister. It was very hard for her, so hard that at times I couldn't even stand to be in the same room as her. But with time, she pulled herself back together and has reinvented herself as one of the most balanced, hard-working people I know. At the age of 48, she went back to school and got her Masters Degree so that she could fulfill her career goal of being an principal. After finishing school, she pushed herself to apply and apply, until she finally got her chance. And what a success so far. (1998)
Married: April 11, 1969 Divorced Children: John Edward Genevieve Christina Other spouse: Susan Christman Reference: 1 2
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- M1. John Edward Mounier (Picture) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Birth: 1971, Cedars Of Sinai Hospital, Los Angeles, CA Occupation: Television Producer Religion: R. Catholic Father: John Fredrick Mounier Jr. Mother: Gretchen Alice Aberle
Notes: "I'm writing this as a twenty-seven year-old trying to make a name for myself in the TV industry. I moved from my native California three years ago to New York, at first to study film but now to live and work. I consider myself a good person who lives to affect the lives of others. I chose my line of work because it was the easiest way to reach many people. I love New York, but I miss California. I especially miss my family. My parents and grandparents continue to be an important part in my life, but just not close enough. At least we are lucky enough to enjoy the modern miracle of communications...phones, faxes and e-mails. Anyway, if you are reading this in the future and are curious for more information on who I am, I'm sure if you check the Museum of the Moving Image you'll be sure to find some stuff there." (1998)
Spouse: Colleen Kennedy Occupation: Lawyer Married: 2013 Children: Charles Kennedy (Picture) Genevieve Kennedy Reference: 1 2
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- M1. Charles Kennedy Mounier ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Birth: 2014 aka: Charlie Father: John Edward Mounier Mother: Colleen Kennedy Reference: 2
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- M1. Genevieve Kennedy Mounier ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Birth: 2017 aka: Evie Father: John Edward Mounier Mother: Colleen Kennedy Reference: 2
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- M1. Genevieve Christina Mounier ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Birth: September 21, 1973, Cedars Of Sinai Hospital, Los Angeles, CA Death: April 21, 1991, Sacramento, CA Buried: East Lawn Cemetary, Sacramento, Ca aka: Genny Religion: R. Catholic Father: John Fredrick Mounier Jr. Mother: Gretchen Alice Aberle
Notes: Attended St. Francis High School, Sacramento, CA. Died of cancer. "My name is John Edward Mounier and I am the older brother of Genny Mounier. Genny and I were the only two children of my parents John Fredrick Mounier Jr. and Gretchen Alice Aberle Mounier. It's now been eight years since my little sister died and a day hasn't gone by that I have thought of her. It's strange, the older I get the more I miss her. She was a terrifically funny person, one who could walk into a room and light it up. People noticed her. I tend to think the same of myself, but she could set me in my place like no other. She was a talented budding actress who starred in her High School plays and hoped to work someday in the Arts. I never really thought about it, but a lot of who she was has rubbed off on me and my decision to dedicate my life to making others happy through my work. Her life was short, but incredible. My family always say that in her 17 years with us she lived a happier existence than most do their whole lives." (1998)
Reference: 1 2
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- M1. Gary Christopher Mounier * ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Birth: 1949, Los Angeles, CA Occupation: Sales, Auto Parts aka: Chris Religion: Presbyterian Father: Johan Frederik Mounier Mother: Evangeline Carmen (Vannie) Condé Spouse: Patty Dispoto Birth: 1950, New Jersey Occupation: Teacher Father: Carl Dispoto Mother: Mary Married: November 19, 1970, Los Angeles, CA Divorced: May 1983 Children: Carrie Nicole Natalie Other spouse: Lynn Anne Kaney Reference: 1
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- M1. Carrie Nicole Mounier ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Birth: 1973, Panorama City, CA Occupation: Social Worker Religion: R. Catholic Father: Gary Christopher Mounier Mother: Patty Dispoto
Notes: Earned a Master of Social Work from Cal State Univ., Long Beach, in 1999. "I'm a licensed clinical social worker, specializing in adolescents and young adults. I have been strongly committed to public service, social justice and advocacy. I also really like teaching and supervising social work students as well as new professionals. My hobbies include doing mosaic art and gardening. I also have been taking Spanish classes for the last several years. I have developed a strong interest in genealogy." (2021)"
Spouse: Jeffrey Sabala aka; Jeff Occupation: Engineer
Notes: Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, from University of Texas, Austin. "Jeff is a mechanical engineer, focused on design. His hobbies include ice hockey and playing electric guitar." (2021)"
Children: Camille Jessica Reference: 8 28 35
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- M1. Camille Jessica Sabala ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Birth: 2011, Los Angeles, CA aka: Camie Father: Jeffrey Sabala Mother: Carrie Nicole Mounier
Notes: Camille is very creative in all ways, drawing, painting, writing, making projects.
Reference: 8 35
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- M1. Natalie Noelle Mounier (Picture) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Birth: 1977, Panorama City, CA Religion: R. Catholic Father: Gary Christopher Mounier Mother: Patty Dispoto
Notes: Graduated from the California State University, Long Beach, With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism, and a Minor in Marketing, on May 25, 2000.
Spouse: Stephen Caric Occupation: CEO at Caric Sports Management Children: Louis Colton Caydence Noelle Reference: 1 28
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- M1. Louis Colton Caric ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Birth: 2011, Las Vegas, NV aka: Colton Father: Stephen Caric Mother: Natalie Noelle Mounier Reference: 8
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- M1. Caydence Noelle Caric ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Birth: 2013, Las Vegas, NV Father: Stephen Caric Mother: Natalie Noelle Mounier Reference: 8
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- M1. Gary Christopher Mounier * (Picture) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (See above) Spouse: Lynn Anne Kaney Birth: 1954, Stockton, CA Occupation: Financial Manager/Homemaker Religion: Presbyterian Father: Thomas Mervyn Kaney Mother: Louise Jeanette King Married: November 3, 1990, Calabasas, CA Children: Matthew Christopher Elizabeth Danielle Other spouse: Patty Dispoto
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- M1. Matthew Christopher Mounier ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Birth: 1993, Burbank, CA Christened: October 1994, Calabasas, CA aka: Matt Religion: Protestant Father: Gary Christopher Mounier Mother: Lynn Anne Kaney
Notes: Matt graduated from Whitman College in Walla Walla WA in 2015 with a BA in economics. He met Alyssa at Whitman College in 2012, who also graduated with a BA in economics in 2016.
Spouse: Alyssa Mackenzie Maine Married: June 3, 2023, Sayulita, MX Reference: 1 40
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- M1. Elizabeth Danielle Mounier ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Birth: 1995, Tarzana, CA Christened: May 1995, Calabasas, CA aka: Beth Religion: Protestant Father: Gary Christopher Mounier Mother: Lynn Anne Kaney
Notes: Graduated from the University of California, San Diege, on June 18, 2017 with an BA in Communication.
Reference: 31
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- M1. Maria Engelina (Rie) Mounier (Picture) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Birth: August 17, 1921, Van Nuys, California Occupation: Artist Death: April 6, 2016, Juneau, Alaska Father: Pierre J. J. Mounier Mother; Maria Christina Engelina Reynders
Notes: Rie was an artist whose popular paintings expressed the joy and wonder of life and Alaska. Her bright
watercolors centered on everyday life -- berry picking, hanging laundry, fishing -- with a sense of celebration. Her father was a travel writer who often visited America with his family. Rie spent most of her childhood
in Holland, but as World War II loomed, she and a brother were sent to stay with friends in the U.S.
Her parents intended to follow, but Germany invaded Holland before they could leave. She would not
see them for another seven years. Left largely on her own, she took a job dressing windows at a department store. As the war ended, she
joined the Women's Army Corps and became a reporter for the Pass-Times, a military biweekly, and
took courses in stage and costume design. After her service, she returned to department store work
in California. In 1950 she decided to take a trip so she booked passage on the steamer "Louise" to
southeast Alaska. In Juneau she immediately found work as a reporter with the Alaska Sunday Press. She met and
married geologist Juan Muñoz. She supported herself as the political cartoonist and women's writer
for the Juneau Empire and as a curator for the Alaska State Museum. She was eventually able to live
off the proceeds of her prints, paintings as lithographs. She received an honorary doctorate in humanities from the University of Alaska in 1999. Examples of here art can be seen here. Her memoires have been published online here.
Spouse: Juan Francisco Muñoz Birth: July 9, 1925, Media, Pennsylvania Occupation: Geologist Death: May 23, 2005, Ketchikan, Alaska Father: Gonzalo Muñoz Mother; Vivian Watkins
Spouse Notes: His father's family came to the United States from Cuba after revolution resulted in the expropriation
of family lands by the Cuban government. He was honorably discharged in 1944 from the U.S. Marine Corps.
He graduated in 1949 with a degree in mining geology from the University of Arizona, School of Mines,
and came in 1950 to Alaska as an employee with the U.S. Bureau of Mines. Over the years, he worked for
several large mining companies throughout the Americas, and prospected independently from the Aleutian
Islands to Punta Arenas in South America. As project leader with DuPont, his efforts led to the largest fluoride
discovery in South America.

Juan and Rie traveled together to King Island in the Bering Sea to work as teachers with the Bureau
of Indian Affairs. They prospected in Southeast Alaska and Mexico.

He received an honorary professional degree in geological engineering from the University of Arizona in 1976.
He enjoyed cooking, Latin music, writing, photography and spending time with friends and family.
Married: January 20, 1951, Juneau, Alaska Divorced 1963 Children: Felipe (twins) Juan (twins) Reference: 18 23 29a&b 33
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- M1. Felipe Muñoz ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Birth: 1955 Death: December, 1958, Boston, MA Father: Juan Francisco Muñoz Mother; Maria Engelina (Rie) Mounier
Notes: Died from Kidney cancer as a child.
Reference: 29a 33
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- M1. Juan Muñoz, Jr. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Birth: 1955 Father: Juan Francisco Muñoz Mother; Maria Engelina (Rie) Mounier Spouse: Cathy Engstrom Married: May 19, 1990, Tenakee, Alaska Children: Mercedes Marie Matthew Reference: 33
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- M1. Mercedes Marie Muñoz ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Birth: 1992, Tenakee, Alaska Father: Juan Muñoz, Jr. Mother; Cathy Engstrom Reference: 33
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- M1. Matthew Muñoz ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Birth: Father: Juan Muñoz, Jr. Mother; Cathy Engstrom Reference: 33
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- M1. Pierre Jean Jacques Mounier ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Birth: March 30, 1924, Los Angeles, California Death: August 26, 2018, California aka: Piet Father: Pierre J. J. Mounier Mother; Maria Christina Engelina Reynders Spouse: Agnes Theresa Malkiewicz Birth: 1926 Death: 2013 Married: Children: Florence Marie Peter John Robert Anthony John Richard Reference: 30 34
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- M1. Florence Marie Mounier ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Birth: 1951 Father: Pierre Jean Jacques Mounier Mother; Theresa Malkiewicz aka: Marie Reference: 34
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- M1. Peter John Mounier ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Birth: 1953 Father: Pierre Jean Jacques Mounier Mother; Theresa Malkiewicz
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- M1. Robert Anthony Mounier ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Birth: 1955 Father: Pierre Jean Jacques Mounier Mother; Theresa Malkiewicz Reference: 34
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- M1. John Richard Mounier ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Birth: 1954 Death: 1961 Father: Pierre Jean Jacques Mounier Mother; Theresa Malkiewicz
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- M1. Johan Frederik Mounier (Picture) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Birth: November 16, 1890, Nijmegen, Holland Death: November 10, 1976, Anaheim, California Burial: Fairhaven Memorial Park, Santa Ana, California Father: Charles Louis Daniel Mounier Mother; Wilhelmina Metzelaar
Notes: In his 1921 Declaration of Intention he stated that he and his wife immigrated from Antwerp, Belgium
on the vessel Lapland, arriving in New York on March 26, 1921. Their residence was listed as
311 Montana Ave, Santa Monica. By 1933 they had moved to Anaheim.

In California J. F. associated himself in the building industry of Santa Monica, Beverly Hills and
Los Angeles; interested himself in some motion picture making which proved a loss and from
1926 until 1932 grew oranges on a ranch in Azusa which he had bought. The general depression in
business hit him hard, the citrus grove didn�t produce enough at the low prices to bring in any profit.
But J. F. had made photography and writing his hobby for many years and now found it possible to
make a good living as free lance professional writer, mainly in articles. In 1930 he received his first
assignment from Kolff & Co. publishers in Batavia, Java, and in 1932 was offered a full time position
with this firm as their correspondent. In 1935 he was called to Batavia and soon was given the editor's
chair of "d'Orient", an illustrated weekly magazine and later had several affiliated departments in his
charge. During World War II he was in a Japanese concentration camp, and so was his wife in a woman's
camp. After the Japanese capitulation J. F. and his wife Lydia found each other again in Batavia in
September 1945. In December 1945 they were evacuated by the government authorities from the troubled
Island of Java to Australia to recuperate from 3 1/2 years of war hardships, from where they hope to return
to their children and home in California. In July 1946 they returned to California and moved in their old
home in Newport Beach which was then the home of their daughter Wilhelmina and family. J. F. started
to work in a cabinet shop and build smaller residence for himself and Lydia. In a few years he started
contracting for himself and in 1953 took in a partner for the growing business. As "Mounier and Warnecke"
the contracting business, specializing in remodeling and cabinet work, became well established and made
comfortable income for Fritz and Lydia. (Ref. 27 has his birth year as 1889)
Spouse: Lydia Freiderike Maassen (Picture) Birth: January 29, 1889, Cologne, Germany Death: November 14, 1958, Anaheim, California Burial: Fairhaven Memorial Park, Santa Ana, California Father: Wilhelm Maassen Mother: Elise Munzebrock
Spouse Notes: The daughter of a manager of a travel and steamship agency.
Married: April 2, 1912, Amersfoort, Utrecht, Holland Children: Wilhelmina Elise Reference: 3 4 5 10 16 17 20 27p9,1039
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- M1. Wilhelmina Mounier (Picture) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Birth: February 25, 1913, Nijmegen, Holland Death: May 21, 2005, Huntington Beach, California aka: Minie Father: Johan Frederik Mounier Mother: Lydia Freiderike Maassen
Notes: Emigrated to the U.S. with her parents from Rotterdam, arriving in New York City on October 10, 1921,
aboard the "Nieuw Amsterdam". Became an naturalized US Citizenship in 1933, while a student at UCLA. She
studied German history and English at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) and took an
additional course as private secretary in a business college at Santa Ana, Calif.
She graduated from UCLA in 1935.
Spouse: Everett Draper Nunan (Picture) Birth: July 6, 1914, New York City, New York Death: JULY 11, 2003 • Huntington Beach, California
Spouse Notes: He attended South Pasadena High School where he lettered in Football and Baseball.
He was associated with his father in the management of a fruit preservation plant at Anaheim, Calif.
After he was married he established himself as electrician and contractor Newport Beach, California
Married: May 23, 1935, Santa Ana, California Children: Joan Jane William Everett Reference: 10 12 15 21 27p10,11 39
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- M1. Joan Nunan (Picture) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Birth: 1936, Santa Ana, California Father: Everett Draper Nunan Mother: Wilhelmina Mounier
Notes: Has four children
Reference: 27p11 39
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- M1. Jane Nunan ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Birth: March 6, 1937 Father: Everett Draper Nunan Mother: Wilhelmina Mounier Reference: 27p11
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- M1. William Everett Nunan ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Birth: October 20, 1948, Newport Beach, California Father: Everett Draper Nunan Mother: Wilhelmina Mounier Reference: 27p11
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- M1. Elisa Mounier * ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Birth: February 8, 1915, Nijmegen, Holland Death: December 20, 2004 Father: Johan Frederik Mounier Mother: Lydia Freiderike Maassen
Notes: Emigrated to California in 1921 and became a US citizen. She took a course in nursing and
became a nurse at Community Hospital in Santa Ana which gave her great satisfaction.
Spouse: Bruce M. Parsons Birth: Sept 22, 1908 Death:
Spouse Notes: An engineer in the aeronautical field, was in charge of the manufacturing department of Calkins & Co.,
Los Angeles, a firm dealing in laboratory equipment. When Calkins & Co. was sold Bruce, who worked
during the war in Douglas Aircraft Co. stayed permanently with Douglas and in 1951 moved to Santa Ana, Calif.
Married: April, 1933, California Children: Donald Louis Philip Roger Gordon Bruce Other Spouse: Charles V. Gooch Reference: 3 6 10 12 15 23 24 27p11
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- M1. Donald Louis Parsons ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Birth: February 18, 1934, California Death: Father: Bruce M. Parsons Mother: Elise Mounier Spouse: Sylvia Rice Reference: 27p11
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- M1. Philip Roger Parsons ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Birth: November 20, 1935, California Death: Father: Bruce M. Parsons Mother: Elise Mounier Reference: 27p11
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- M1. Gordon Bruce Parsons ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Birth: November 11, 1941, California Death: Father: Bruce M. Parsons Mother: Elise Mounier Reference: 27p11
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- M1. Elisa Mounier * ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (see above)
Notes: She married at the age of 51, her husband was 53 at the time.
Spouse: Charles V. Gooch Birth: August 21, 1915, Missouri Death: April 20, 1976, Costa Mesa, California Father: Charles D. Gooch Mother: Ida M. Cooch Married: January 9, 1967, Orange County California Other Spouse: Bruce M. Parsons Reference: 27p11
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- M1. Charles Louis Daniel Mounier ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Birth: January 19, 1891, Holland Death: January 6, 1906 Father: Charles Louis Daniel Mounier Mother; Wilhelmina Metzelaar
Notes: He died as a high school boy through an accident when almost 14 years old.
A small caliber rifle which he was loading, discharged accidentally and the pellet
went through his shoe in his foot. Tetanus developed and he died
Reference: 27p9

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