Charles Joseph Rasch Family History

(Information on this page was last updated on August 17, 1998)

----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Charles Joseph Rasch ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Birth Date: April 17, 1905 Birth Place: Wright Township, Ottawa Co., MI Religion: R. Catholic aka: Chuck Death Date: December 11, 1947 Burial Place: St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery, Wright Twp., Ottawa Co., MI Father: Alois Rasch (1866-1947) Mother: Mary Lothschutz (1872-1923) Spouse: Louise B. Pitch Birth Date: February 27, 1913 Birth Place: Alpine Township Death Date: November 3, 1972 Children: Thomas (Adopted) Research: 8 14 22 84
----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thomas Rasch ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Birth Date: 1942 Father: Charles Joseph Rasch Mother: Louise B. Pitch Spouse: Gloria J. Finkler Children: Timothy Andrew Research: 14 121
----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Timothy Andrew Rasch ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Birth Date: Father: Thomas Rasch Mother: Gloria J. Finkler Children: Caleb Lee Curtis Andrew Research: 121
----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Caleb Lee Rasch ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Birth Date: 1991 Father: Timothy Andrew Rasch Spouse: Stephany Mae Sitzer Birth Date: 2017 Father: Caleb Lee Rasch Mother: Stephany Mae Sitzer Research: 121
----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Curtis Andrew Rasch ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Birth Date: 1998 Father: Timothy Andrew Rasch Research: 121

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