Paul Joseph Florian Rasch Family History

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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.1.1 Paul Joseph Florian Rasch (pictures) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Birth Date: August 27, 1850 Birth Place: Frankenstein, Germany Christen Date: August 30, 1850 Christen Place: In The Parish Church Of Protzon Religion: R. Catholic aka: Fr. Luke Occupation: Capuchin Priest Death Date: September 7, 1910 Death Place: St. Joseph, Wisconsin Burial Date: September 7, 1910 Burial Place: Monastery Cemetery At Mt, Calvary, WI Father: Florian Rasch II (1819-1891) Mother: Caroline Nickel (1827-1880)
Notes: Frankenstein, Germany, is present day Zabkowice, Poland, 56 km SSW of Wroclaw. He entered the US with his parents in the ship Stepane, from Bremen to New York, on August 5,1851 at the age of 9 months. Entered the Capuchin Order at Holy Cross Monastery, Mt. Calvery, Wisconsin on Christmas Day, 1870. Fr. Luke Rasch was ordained to the priesthood on Sept. 21, 1877. He was a very active priest, and was appointed local superior several times for some of the monasteries in Wisconsin and New York. He was a cheerful and conscientious priest.
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