Reference Sources for the Rasch/Schindler Listing

Reference Note 1
Genealogy chart, originally compiled by Oscar E. Rasch, 11/1/1935; updated by Odette [Rasch] Howard, 8/4/1976. Reference includes Odette's short Rasch history. Also includes later updates by Odette.

Reference Note 2
Newspaper article, dated 5/5/35

Reference Note 3
Notes by the hand of Dorothy [Rasch] Conde (R/S, of unknown date; probably copied from ref. 12.

Reference Note 4
Memorial holy card for Joseph E. Buffler.

Reference Note 5
Newspaper obituary, dated 5/30/1961.

Reference Note 6
Newspaper obituary, undated.

Reference Note 7
Newspaper obituary, undated.

Reference Note 8
Undated newspaper clipping.

Reference Note 9
Information provided by Dorothy [Rasch] Conde (R/S

Reference Note 11
Headstone at St. Michael's Cemetary, St. Florian, AL

Reference Note 12
Xerox copy of the Frank Rasch Family Bible Record received from Odette [Rasch] Howard (2/24/95). See reference (3) in reference (1). The Bible probably belonged to Virginia Rasch. All notes are in a single hand. Odette Howard has identified one error, and the 1852 date may also be incorrect. According to reference 26 the information was entered by Elizabeth [Rasch] Mache, at the request of Virginia Rasch. Marianne Bernauer has identified the handwriting as her mother's.

Reference Note 13
Letters and notes of Odette Howard (R/S from Feb., 1995.

Reference Note 14
Newspaper clipping dated 1/2/88.

Reference Note 15
Copy of marriage License of John Krackenberger and Emma Rasch

Reference Note 16
Letter from Gregory Buffler to Odette [Rasch] Howard (R/S, dated 9/30/76.

Reference Note 17
Bernauer, Marianne, "A HISTORY OF ST. FLORIAN", 1965, typewritten.

Reference Note 18
Entered by Odette Howard (R/S on 3/10/95

Reference Note 19
Letter from Odette Howard (R/S, dated 4/3/95.

Reference Note 20
Bernauer, Marianne, "A PICTORIAL FAMILY HISTORY", March, 1995.

Reference Note 21
Emails from Dennis Rasch (R/S

Reference Note 22
Copy of newspaper article concerning Karl Wade. Ref. 44 gives date of article as May, 1990.

Reference Note 23
Letter received from Odette Howard (R/S, dated 4/19/95.

Reference Note 24
Information provided by Marianne Bernauer (R/S in letter dated 4/27/95.

Reference Note 25
Letter from Mary Buffler (R/S, dated 5/2/95.

Reference Note 26
Letter from Odette Howard (R/S, dated 5/10/95.

Reference Note 27
Letter from Odette Howard (R/S, dated 5/15/95.

Reference Note 28
Information provided by Louise [Rasch] Wade (R/S

Reference Note 29
Information provided by Mark Anthony Buffler(R/S

Reference Note 30
Information provided by Mary Louise Wilson (R/S on 5/30/95 and 12/30/96.

Reference Note 31
Information provided by letter from Julia [McIngvale] Stout (R/S, received July 13, 1995.

Reference Note 32
Information provided by Mary Buffler (R/S, in a note received 7/15/95.

Reference Note 33
Information provided by Agnes [Buffler] Canerday, received 7/21/95.

Reference Note 34
Information provided by Frances [Buffler] Holder, in a letter dated 7/20/95.

Reference Note 35
St. Michael's Church, St. Florian, Alabama, records, reviewed by R. Conde on 8/2/95.

Reference Note 36
Charts developed by Mary Alt and Pat Cederholm, held by Marianne Bernauer.

Reference Note 37
Letter, dated 5/21/90, from Tony Rasch to Dorothy Conde, with notes by Dorothy Conde.

Reference Note 38
1993 directory of St. Michael's Catholic Church, St. Florian, Alabama.

Reference Note 39
Information provided by Florine [Knotts] Rasch on 8/3/95.

Reference Note 40
Interviews by Marianne Bernauer concerning St. Michael's Church Windows.

Reference Note 41
Update information, with photos of Julia Rasch Buffler, from Julia [McIngvale] Stout, dated 8/2/95.

Reference Note 42
Information provided by Marianne Bernauer (R/S, in a note received 8/19/95.

Reference Note 43
Information provided by Dorothy [Rasch] Conde, in phone conversation on 8/21/95.

Reference Note 44
Information provided by Louise [Rasch] Wade, received on 8/31/95

Reference Note 45
Information and Xerox copies of St. Michael's Catholic Church, St. Florian, Al, selected church records, provided by Anne Stumpe.

Reference Note 46
Information provided by Florine Rasch

Reference Note 47
Information provided by Agnes [Beumer] Gruber, received 9/18/95.

Reference Note 48
Information provided by Odette [Rasch] Howard (R/S

Reference Note 49
Information provided by Larry and Tony Rasch.

Reference Note 50
Information on Sister Mary Clarissa [Clara Rasch], provided by Michele [Shapiro] Gitlin, received 9/95.

Reference Note 51
Information provided by Larry Rasch, received by email.

Reference Note 52
Information provided by Mary Lynn [Buffler] Bryant, received 10/23/95.

Reference Note 53
Information provided by Marianne Bernauer (R/S

Reference Note 54
Information provided by Ralph McIngvale (R/S, received 11/20/95.

Reference Note 55
Information provided by Thomas Ernst (R/S

Reference Note 56
Information provided by David Ernst (R/S

Reference Note 57
Information provided by Michele [Shapiro] Gitlin (R/S

Reference Note 58
Information provided by Dr. Cleo Rasch, (R/S in a letter received 12/14/95.

Reference Note 59
Information provided by Mildred [Eckl] Buffler, spouse of (R/S .

Reference Note 61
Information provided by Marianne [Macke] Bernauer (R/S

Reference Note 62
Information provided by Richard E. Wade in letters, dated 2/19/96 and 4/1/96.

Reference Note 63
Information provided Dr. Cleo Rasch, (R/S in a letter received 02/28/96.

Reference Note 64
Information provided by Mr. & Mrs. Orval Etheridge (R/S

Reference Note 65
Information provided by Jason Robar (R/S

Reference Note 65a
Research by Jason Robar (R/S, with the assistance of German Genealogist Stefan Rückling

Reference Note 66
Information provided by Mary [Rasch] Alt (R/G

Reference Note 67
Information provided by Krista Ernst (R/S

Reference Note 68
Information provided by Merridy [Rasch] Zenk (R/S

Reference Note 69
Information provided by Odette [Rasch] Howard (R/S, in a letter received 12/5/96.

Reference Note 70
Information on Fr. Tony Rasch's 30th ordination anniversary provided by Dorothy [Rasch] Conde (R/S, received 3/16/97.

Reference Note 71
"Letters From A Young Man: 1915-1922", the letters of Edward J. Rasch, from Odette [Rasch] Howard (R/S, received 3/21/97.

Reference Note 72
Information provided by Margaret [Kilburn] Hayden (R/S

Reference Note 73
Information provided by Donna M. Ernst (spouse of R/S

Reference Note 74
Information provided by Cynthia [Rasch] Varner (R/S

Reference Note 76
Citations for Ralph Conde's Silver Stars, from World War II.

Reference Note 77
Information Provided by Barbara [Neumann] Rasch (spouse of R/S

Reference Note 78
Social Security Death Index from
Social Security Death Index from
Social Security Applications and Claims index, 1936-2007 from

Reference Note 79
Information Provided by Lisa Tailby (R/S

Reference Note 80
Information Provided by Larry Rasch (R/S

Reference Note 81
Information Provided by Anne [Rasch] Davis (R/S

Reference Note 82
Information Provided by David F. Gruber (R/S

Reference Note 83
Information entered by John Edward Mounier on 2-27-99.

Reference Note 84
Information, documents and photographs provided by Larry Rasch (R/S

Reference Note 85
Information provided by Linda [Conde] Leppert (R/S

Reference Note 86
Information provided by Odette [Rasch] Howard (R/S

Reference Note 87
"St. Michael's Catholic Church, St. Florian, Alabama, 125th Anniversary history"; ed. W. S. Dixon; October, 1998

Reference Note 88
Information provided by Kevin Warren (R/S

Reference Note 89
Christmas letter from Florine Rasch, (spouse of R/S, dtd December 2000

Reference Note 90 - WorldConnect Project: German Settlers, Florissand, MO:Ancestors & Descendants; ID #110462

Reference Note 91
Information provided by Alex Schoenrock (R/S

Reference Note 92
Information provided by Ken Toupin (R/S

Reference Note 93
Information provided by Paul Wingert (R/S

Reference Note 94
Information provided by Marta Lively

Reference Note 95
a) Obituary published in the Florence Times Daily
b) Obituary of Orval Etheridge, published in the Huntsville Times on November 12, 2010
c) Obituary of Agnes B. Gruber, published in the Florence Times Daily on Jan 3, 2011
d) Obituary of Karl Wade, published in the Florence Times Daily on March 4, 2012
e) Obituary of Florentina Rasch Schmidt, published on
f) Obituary of Benjamin J. Schmidt, published on
g) Obituary of Nimmo Ellen Rasch, published in the Tri-City Herald on March 9, 2010
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i) Obituary of James A. Buffler, published in the Florence Times Daily on April 28, 2010
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k) Obituary of Richard MacNaughton Kemball-Cook, published in the Benton Courier on November 27, 1998
l) Obituary of John Edward Beumer, published in the Florence Times Daily on April 22, 2012
m) Obituary of Joseph Henry Beumer, published on
n) Obituary of Norman Albert Rasch, published Huron Daily Tribune on July 23, 2000
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q) Obituary of Florine [Knotts] Rasch, published in the Florence Times Daily on July 23, 2015
r) Obituary of George McIngvale, published in the Houston Chronicle on March 2, 2013
s) Obituary of George McIngvaleJr., published in the Houston Chronicle on December 29, 2008
t) Obituary of Robert E. Rasch, published in the Oakland Press on April 10, 2004
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v) Obituary of Frank Joe Gruber, published in the Florence Times Daily on November 29, 2015
w) Obituary of Robert Russell Kilburn, published in the Quad Cities Daily on April 14, 2014
x) Obituary of Keith F. Holder, published on
y) Obituary of Simone A. [Rasch] Etheridge, published by Madison Times daily on May 29, 2020
z) Obituary of Lawrence Lee Rasch, published online
aa) Obituary of Eric Etheridge, published online
bb) Obituary of William Anthony Rasch, published on Find-a-Grave web site

Reference Note 96
Los Angeles County U. S. GENWEB Project, birth and death records

Reference Note 97
St. Michael Cemetery survey completed by Montez Murphy, at

Reference Note 98
Information provided by Dawn Leppert (C1.2.2.1)

Reference Note 99
Information provided by Tonya [Stultz] Conde (spouse of C1.2.1.2)

Reference Note 100
Certificate of Death for John Krackenberger, spouse of (R/S 1.1.9)

Reference Note 101
Information provided by Dr. Jim and Pattie Rasch (R/S

Reference Note 102
Information provided by Frank E. Howard (R/S

Reference Note 103
Information provided by Pam [Ricks] Carlson (R/S

Reference Note 104
Information provided by Brad Luce (R/S

Reference Note 105
Florence City Cemetery survey completed by Timothy McCord, at

Reference Note 106
Information provided by Wesley Nolen Bryant (R/S

Reference Note 107
Burials at St. Clement's Parish Cemetery, transcribed by Joyce Sackleh, at

Reference Note 108
1900 United States Federal Census

Reference Note 109
1910 United States Federal Census

Reference Note 110
1920 United States Federal Census

Reference Note 111
1930 United States Federal Census

Reference Note 112
California Passenger and Crew Lists, 1893-1957, from

Reference Note 113
WWI Draft Regristration Cards, 1917-1918, from

Reference Note 114
California Marriage Index, 1960-1985, from

Reference Note 115
1860 United States Federal Census

Reference Note 116
WWI Draft Registration records, from

Reference Note 117
1880 United States Federal Census

Reference Note 118
Obituary, dtd 10/3/2006, in Florance, AL,

Reference Note 119

Reference Note 120
Information provided by Steve Ernst (R/S

Reference Note 121
Information provided by Josh and Caryn [Ernst] Silverman (R/S

Reference Note 122
U.S. Public Records Index, from

Reference Note 123
Alabama Marriage Collection (1800-1969), from

Reference Note 124
U.S. World War II Army Enlisted Records, from

Reference Note 125
Texas Marriage Collection (1814-1909, 1966-2002), from
Texas, Marriage Index, 1814-1909 and 1966-2011, from

Reference Note 126
Texas Birth Index (1903-1997), from

Reference Note 127
U.S. Passport Applications (1795-1925), from

Reference Note 128
Juliet Eckl obituary from Florence Times Daily Online

Reference Note 129
U.S. Veterans Garvesites (1775-2006), from

Reference Note 130
California Death Index (1940-1997)

Reference Note 131
Texas Death Index (1903-2000), from

Reference Note 132
Dr. David Francis Gruber obituary from Florence Times Daily Online

Reference Note 133
Alabama Deaths (1908-1959), from

Reference Note 134
Information provided by April [Yates] Thrasher (R/S ).

Reference Note 135
Information provided by Yvette Lynn [Rasch] Watson (R/S

Reference Note 136
Information provided by Pat [Rasch] Cederholm (R/G

Reference Note 137
Texas Divorce Index (1968-2002), from

Reference Note 138
1870 United States Federal Census

Reference Note 139
Information provided by Tom & Erika Priemer

Reference Note 140
Information provided by Carl Stumpe

Reference Note 141
Information provided by Cathy Alice [Fettue] Crews (R/S

Reference Note 142
Information provided by Dawn Renee [Dorsch] Raines (R/S

Reference Note 143
Obituary of Frank Howard, dtd 11/12/2010, published in The Needham Times

Reference Note 144
Information provided by Sheila Ann [Rasch] Bunch (R/S

Reference Note 145
1940 United States Federal Census

Reference Note 146
Michigan, Births and Christenings Index, 1867-1911, from

Reference Note 147
Washington, Marriage records, 1865-2004, from
Washington, Marriage records, 1854-2013, from

Reference Note 148
Information from Find-a-Grave web site

Reference Note 149
U.S. World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946, from

Reference Note 150
Michigan Department of Vital and Health Records. Michigan Deaths, 1971-1996, from
Michigan, Death Records, 1867-1950

Reference Note 151
Alabama, Deaths and Burials Index, 1881-1974, from

Reference Note 152
WWII Draft Regristration Cards, from

Reference Note 153
Pennsylvania, Veterans Burial Cards, 1777-1999, from

Reference Note 154
U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989, from

Reference Note 155
U.S. National Homes for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, 1866-1938, from

Reference Note 156
New York, Passenger Lists, 1820-1957, from

Reference Note 157
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs BIRLS Death File, 1850-2010, from

Reference Note 158
Information provided by John A. Buffler (R/S

Reference Note 159
Nevada, Marriage Index, 1956-2005, from

Reference Note 160
Information provided by Kalib Mata (R/S ).

Reference Note 161
Information provided by Jeff Robinson (R/S

Reference Note 162
Michigan, Marriage Records, 1867-1952

Reference Note 163
Michigan, Divorce Records, 1897-1952

Reference Note 164
LinkedIn page

Reference Note 165
Information provided by Stephen Dembinski, Jr. (R/S

Reference Note 166
Information provided by Brianna Bishop (R/S

Reference Note 167
Virginia, Marriage Records, 1897-1952, from

Reference Note 168
Information provided by Bill & Helen Rasch (R/S, & Anne Davis (R/S

Reference Note 169
Information from online database at

Reference Note 170
Information from online newspaper database
     a. Detroit Free Press, dtd May 15, 1910
     b. Detroit Free Press, dtd January 18, 1951
     c. Detroit Free Press, dtd February 24, 1969
     d. Detroit Free Press, dtd March 18, 1975
     e. The Tennessean (Nashville, Tennessee), dtd March 13, 1972

Reference Note 171
State of Michigan, Certificate of Death
     a. for Elizabeth [Stappert] Rasch
     b. for Robert R. Rasch

Reference Note 172
Information provided by Mindy Green (R/S

Reference Note 173
Tennessee State Marriages, 1780-2002, from

Reference Note 174
St. Michael's Catholic Church, St. Florian, Al, church records

Reference Note 175
Certificate of Death, Michigan Dept. of Health

Reference Note 176
Productions of Agriculture in the Township of Warren in the County of Macomb, in the year 1869, from

Reference Note 177
Copy of marriage Certificate of Clifford Rasch and Nimmo Gentry

Reference Note 178
Register of Marriage Statistics for Chehalis County, Washington

Reference Note 179
Washington, Select Death Certificates, 1907-1960, from
Washington, Death Index, 1940-2014, from

Reference Note 180
Washington State, Marriage License

Reference Note 181
Information provided by Linda Rasch-Colleran (R/S

Reference Note 182
Pulaski County, Arkansas, Marriages 1838-1999, from

Reference Note 183
1950 United States Federal Census

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