Edward John Rasch Family History

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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.1.2 Edward John Rasch (pictures) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Birth Date: September 23, 1852 Birth Place: Centerline, MI Death Date: January 5, 1952 Death Place: St. Florian, AL Burial Date: January 7, 1952 Burial Place: St. Michael's Catholic Cemetery, St. Florian, AL (Row 21, Plot N2) Father: Florian Rasch II (1819-1891) Mother: Caroline Nickel (1827-1880)
Notes: Moved with family from Michigan to Alabama in Spring, 1873, at age of 21. When he came to Alabama he had no formal education; consequently, he rode a horse six miles to State Normal School (now University of No. Alabama) to attend classes. After he was married, he spent the a number of years in Birmingham working in the coal mines. He returned to St. Florian to take care of his father. He could be called the most successful enterpreneur of the family. Owned and operated a general merchandise store in St. Florian in the late 18 hundreds. He built a beautiful Victorian home on the site of the plantation home. (picture) After he retired he opened a country store close to his home on Jackson Highway.
Spouse: Mary Sofa Ernst (picture) Birth Date: February 1, 1850 Birth Place: St. Mary's, PA Death Date: December 9, 1924 Death Place: St. Florian, AL Burial Date: December 11, 1924 Burial Place: St. Michael's Catholic Cemetery, St. Florian, AL (Row 21, Plot N1) Father: Thomas Ernst Mother: Mary Kasner
Spouse Notes: Sister of Thomas Ernst, husband of Annie Rasch. Her first husband and their small child died before she married Ed Rasch, both dying within a year of each other. She ran a boarding house for the workers on the dam for at least a year before marrying Ed Rasch.
Marriage Date: March 1, 1881 Marriage Place: St. Michael's Catholic Church, St. Florian, AL Children: Julia Elizabeth (R/S (picture) Edward John (R/S Clara Teresa (R/S Agnes (R/S References: 17 18 20 23 109 151

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