Rasch/Gutkorn Family History

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1. Florian Franz Rasch I
Birth Date:     June 17, 1793
Birth Place:	Olbersdorf, Silesia, Prussia (now part of Poland)
Christen Date:	June 17, 1793
Christen Place:	Protzan, Silesia, Prussia
Death Date:     September 14, 1855
Death Place:	Centerline, Michigan
Burial Place:	St. Clement's Church Cemetery, Centerline, Michigan
Father:         Joseph Rasch
Mother:         Anna Maria Padelt
Notes: Born in the Southern, Catholic part of Silesia, in what was then Prussia, is now part of Poland. Records show that he was a farmer in Olbersdorf, near Frankenstein (present day Zabkowice Šlaskie) from 1825-1842. He arrived in the US with family on May 19, 1852. According to records the family did not come to America together. The Mt.Clemens Courthouse, MI, shows Florian II purchasing land in 1851. According to family tradition he was a member of Napoleon's Army who survived the retreat from Moscow in 1812. Another tradition has him as being a Quatrtermaster Captain in Napoleon's Army, and he was able to retreat from Russia without losing a single member of his unit. Buried in St. Clements Parish.
Spouse: Anna Barbara Gutkorn (Guttkorn, Guthkorn) Birth Date: Circa 1804 Birth Place: Schönwalde, Silesia, Prussia Death Date: September 10, 1843 Death Place: Germany Marriage Date: Circa 1829 Marriage Place: Germany Children: Robert (1.1) Frances (1.2) August (1.3) Adolph (1.4) Alois (1.5) Julius (1.6) Other spouses: Carolina Schindler Research: 1 3 4 8 87

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