Genealogy of the Rasch Family

and the Noggler Family

Florian Rasch I came from the Silesian area of the Prussian Kingdom. He arrived in the United States in the 1850's with his nine children. His descendants in the United States are in two families from the two wives he had in Prussia, neither of which survived to accompany him to the U.S. His first wife was Carolina Schindler, and his second wife was Barbara Gutkorn. The information on both the Rasch/Schindler family and the Rasch/Gutkorn family are here and updated as new information becomes available. My maternal great grandmother came from the Noggler family. The Rasch/Padelt Family are the parents and siblings of Florian Rasch.

Rasch/Padelt Family Rasch/Schindler Family Rasch/Gutkorn Family Noggler Family
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The Genealogy of the family of Florian Rasch was originally compiled in 1935 by Oscar E. Rasch. That information was subsequently updated by Odette [Rasch] Howard in 1976. She also wrote a short history in 1976. A special thanks to Marianne [Macke] Bernauer who is the author of a number of articles and pamphlets documenting the history of St. Florian, AL, and the descendants of Florian Rasch. Also thanks to Pat [Rasch] Cederholm and Mary [Rasch] Alt, who are developing the Rasch/Gutkorn Family genealogical information. A number is historial articles and references can be see here. Also, thanks to the many family members and friends who helped by contributing information on their immediate family. They are credited in the references lists.

I am Ralph (Skip) Conde. I am the great great grand son of Florian I and great grand son of Florian II.

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